Does everyone see life from a 1st person point of view, and wonder if other's do too?.

I got this feeling. A sixth sense, a supernatural thing, something.
While I was driving my car, I stopped at a red light and looked up at it. Suddenly, my head got hazy with these questions and I couldn't clear my mind for a second.
The questions came along with a feeling I really can't describe well other than it being fearful and strange.
I wondered "How is my life even possible?".
I thought "Am I the only one who experiences life in a supposedly 'First person' point of view?".
And, finally, "Are other people also wondering how come they apparently see life through only their eyes and not through anyone else's?"...
I know this question might be crazy, or weird or whatever. I just need to know if I'm the only person who has ever wondered about all this. Sorry if it seems unclear, it is kinda hard to explain.
Asked Nov 10, 2016

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