Can any true muslim help who doesn't looses from other muslims

Dear every muslims,

I was born in muslim family but I am not muslim anymore and muslim jinns thinks I died for allah and islam and awaken I don't like muslims at all and don't like muslim jinns infact I hate muslim and I hate muslim jinns and would love to stay away from muslims and stay away from muslim jinns, the reason is because muslims proof all the times to take my property of spiritual world I died for allah and islam which I didn't died and when muslims big jinn searches to know if I died for allah then other muslim jinns do bandish (make source) and cheat to proof I died for allah and islam and proof god lovers where god is not allah that I died for allah and islam, I prayed for god and I love god but not allah I didn't love or like arabic allah so I am not muslim and muslim jinns are proving to the world by cdaana muslim spirits on me to like islam and allah and prove the world jinns I like islam and allah and so I am muslim now what shall I do because of muslim jinns life of everyone in the world is becoming bad specially life of god believers and god lovers are becoming bad and muslim big jinns also life becoming bad and riots are happening in spiritual world in different religions from which everyone life is becoming bad.

I dont like muslims and I don't like allah and if I died for muslim I would have loved allah and islam infact I don't love muslims or dont love muslim jinns and told muslim jinns I am not muslim many times but I am sure those muslim jinns who cheats to get property of mine from spiritual world, muslim jinns cheaters are proving me as muslim.

Now what shall I do ? Muslims jinns fooled god jinns and god lovers by saying I died for allah and died for islam by cheating and bandish and putting there cases and making fate witness and etc and god lovers and god believers have been fooled and believe what muslims jinns proved by changing what is truth.

Can any true muslim believer help me by proving truth to the world in writing like expert research proves so muslim knowledge doesnt become incorrect and riots are not happened and life of others doesnt becomes bad because of any jinns or knowledge doesnt becomes incorrect of anyone because of anyone cheating to proof me as muslim.

God lover.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Nov 09, 2016

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