What steps should be followed while developing a mobile application?

Mobile applications have become the need of the day for almost every business and even for personal use. Every business needs a dedicated mobile application suiting the specific requirements. There is a certain procedure that has to be followed in developing a mobile application. It only after following these procedures that an idea can be transformed into a successful application.
The procedure for mobile app development is:
a. Strategy: it is the stage where the idea is taken into consideration and then the questions are raised which need to be answered for the app to be developed. For example: what is the target user section? What do they expect from the app? What are the current market trends? Which are the possible challenges and threats? The client’s idea of the app is discussed thoroughly and then the technological aspects are considered.
b. Architecture: the basic structure of the app is formed in blueprints and the user flow is checked. It means that how the features will connect to the users is considered. Logo and branding are also considered. The platform for which the app will be designed or whether it will be a responsive design, these decisions are pondered upon. The features of the app are roughly sketched.
c. Design: then comes the design of the app. In this phase the rough sketch of the app gets a life by inducing colors, pictures and shadows. A little trick with the elements that make the app lively are considered.
d. Development: then finally the app is developed using the latest tools based on the design. This step involves the basic coding of the app.
e. Deployment: then comes the step of finally releasing the app on the respective app stores. The development companies ensure proper deployment so that the app is notices by one and all after it becomes available for use. This can also have a pre-deployment phase where the app is tested amongst the users to ensure that it would be successful post deployment.
Post deployment support and maintenance: the app after being deployed, also needs maintenance and support for minor technical issues that might arise after the app goes out into full use. This also involves bug fixing, security, leakage and day-to-day maintenance and updates. This is also very important to keep the app trending for the customers and introducing the latest technology so that they have the best app experience.technosoftwares.com
Asked Nov 09, 2016
These are few steps to follow while developing a Mobile Application:
1. Strategy: The first phase of the mobile app development process is defining the strategy for evolving your idea into a successful app.
2. Analysis and Planning.
3. UI / UX Design.
4. App Development.
5. Testing.
6. Deployment & Support.
Answered Oct 05, 2021
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