Help! Boy trouble .

Ok so a while back ago like in March me and my two girlfriends decided to go out. One of my friends invited guys I didn't know she would or who they were, since I thought it was a girls night thing. When I saw them I realized one of the guys was some kid who liked me in school but I always had one bf I was with for like 7 years so I never paid mind to anyone including him. On top of that me and this bf had a baby and got married and things didn't work out because he cheated and even though we ended things amicably and we are good friends for our daughter it still hurt at the beginning. So anyways I got really drunk(since I was heartbroken) and ended up having my first "one night stand" with this guy my friend brought( the kid who liked me since I was in middle school). The only thing is, the next morning he actually almost begged me to stay, and promised to take me home later. So I did and we talked about so much and oddly felt like it went extremely well. He also told me he's been asking my friend about me and I found it really weird she never told me. So later that same day he calls me and he asked me if I wanted to accompany to help him with something, then brought me to his penthouse and we had sex, he said he really liked me and if I was loyal to him he'd treat me like a princess. So for the following weeks we hung out I slept over went on dates he's pick me up from work things like that. Then out of nowhere he started to act different and stated things like he couldn't trust me and I was always talking to some "guy friend " on the phone. Which was true but I'm a very loyal person so I never felt like anyone would label me a cheater, but I guess he didn't know me that well since things happen so fast. Things over the following weeks he got distant and we started bickering over the phone and stuff, I later found our mutual friend (the girl I went out with that night we meet) was kinda bad mouthing me, not really bad but kinda putting doubts in his mind I figured she was kinda jealous and thought hey I'm a good girl I'll be myself and he'll see it. But that didn't happen then one week I finally go over and asked if he's been seeing some else and he said just one girl. I felt stupid and didn't say much( we never had a title to the relationship). So I kind of cut him off blocked him from everything and moved on he tried calling me from time to time but I had started dated that one friends cousin and he was a great kid really sweet and showed a lot of chivalry. Things didn't get too serious he was young and really focused on college so we split amicably and stopped talking even though I know it hurt the kid. Fast forward a while ..two weeks ago the one night stand guy was at the club again I got drunk and had sex he called me the next day to see if I was okay but I missed the call so we had a short text convo and that was that . I recently texted him when I was drunk asking if he missed me and all he did was put two emoji faces and I never texted back. I really like this kid and I wanted things to work out and my gut instinct tells me he like me too but kind of had a voice in his ear giving him the wrong impression of me...Idk what to do months past and I just really never saw myself physically attracted to someone while having so much in common like him, we really just clicked. What should I do ?
Asked Nov 08, 2016
Edited Nov 08, 2016

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