How do I tell if I melted the coil in a Electric Water Heater?

How do you tell if you've melted the heating coil in an electric water heater? So after checking that there was running water, I turned on a Hot Water Heater by flipping the fuse in the fuse-box. Came back to the house later and tested the water, it was hot. Took a shower, ran out of water near the end... read that no water in the heater can cause the coil to melt. So... within 30 minutes, maybe an hour, I turned off the water heater fuse. I then turned on the fuse to the well pump that I hadn't turned on before. (Which is likely why I ran out of water in the house.) I checked hours later and there was running water again, I left the heater fuse off. Did I melt the Water Heater Coil? Is that expensive?
Asked Nov 02, 2016
I recently bought an electric tankless water heater with a reference to and I came to know that Generally electric hot water heaters have two coils, one on the lower half & one upper. These will burn out eventually. The easiest way is to turn off the breaker. Using an ohmmeter, you can touch the posts of the coils. If the reading is infinity, then the coil is bad. if you don't have an ohmmeter? Then if you don’t have hot water, just replace both. They are not that expensive and if one is gone, the other is not far behind. But it's better to replace your heater if it is older than 8-10 years.
Answered Oct 27, 2017
Edited Oct 27, 2017
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Answered Nov 23, 2018

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