Letter to god, I didn't sin I and my family got punishment for sins controlled by genies using me

It was saleha genie from Abudhabi, uae who did sifli amal by controlling me she is sifli amal expert and I and god family got punishment whenever I tried to tell truth to people saleha showed mad certificate by proving I am mad.

It was Abu who controlled me to write books with blood to write I love allah and others on islam and other books.

It was hasan who cutted kaba threads because he was junglee and controlled me when he didn't had understanding. On kaba black magic was done by fatima of Abudhabi, uae.

All sins were done by controlling me to make my life bad and make life bad of family of god and muslims are killing me since I am kid and killed and raped and made call girl and porn star....etc to family of god which I doubt they have made I don't know if it is confirmed.

I and my family members got punishment for not sinning and today momin ali who is time of allah forces me to drink piss and eat shit by bringing it from spiritual world to reality without knowing truth.

I got to know truth from hadithanswers.com genies and I asked them for justice and asked why I got punishment if there allah was true who is real he would have not punished me when I asked him for help many times.

Help me god, control me like parent and guardian but not control me on my thinking.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 27, 2016

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