What happens with humans if they dont believe in spirits or religions god proved by god ahmed

if humans doesnt believes in soirits or rrligions god then humans are controlled by spirits or religions god and humsns fo whst spirits in there body or mind says or feels or thinks or understands by thinking human understood and felt and think on there own but spirit didnt understood or felt or think.

all the planets and worlds inside worlds are dangerous without god ahmed becsuse they are fake worlds without god ahmed who could not prove truth and confirms they are truth which is a fake truth and fake truth is lie and cannot be seen to everyone without god ahmed.

that is why god ahmed says humans is sinless who doesnt know if humam feels anything does human feels on there own or spirit feels it in there body and if human understand anything does human understood on there own or some spirit understand them and if human think of anything does human think on there own or some spirit forces them to think.

without any spirits god ahmed has tested the human generations are peaceful in ind and there is always peace and every material origin is felt like it is made of, like the beginning of planet had feeling of anything whivh is since the beginning of planet.

www.believerism.com religion of god ahmed.
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Asked Oct 27, 2016

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