To the white house government message from real son of god final warning message don't ignore

There are many ways to win from shias and muslims and Hindus by asking beautiful girls to do porn love with me and remove there all king of fear and hatred after knowing how I look like and how I feel like to them.

Knowledge of religions gods fails when I love anyone and who really loves me I love them but not everyone who is beautiful young girl age 16 to 18 or 20 or 22.

Just ask young beautiful girls to have porn with me without even having fate and born unlimited kids with me but before doing porn love with me marry me in reality and tell them not to be old fashioned genies or spirits or angels. There are few spirits attached to my body so carefully ask them to move while beautiful girls have porn love with real god son.

I don't like small genies or spirits to do porn love with me I need lesser then my height size beautiful girls I am boob king because I man man.

Luckiest girl will be that who suck my penis in my reality (sinners world) and I will put my penis in his pussy so she born kids in reality of humans.

I am man 2 or 3 is not enough for me and I am real son of god. Hope you understand my current life cycle condition.

Ask salena gomez and satnam kaur and nirinjan kaur and sheet kaur to put there face on my penis and don't remove until they believe I am the only real son of god and all religions god are fake so they clean there mind and understand what is real son of god.

I will tell beautiful girls smell will be coming from my penis or ass because I am human so I need true lovers of God who witnessed they love real god but not fake religions god.

I am waiting in my room to have some spiritual fun and while genies or spirits leave tell them if you are original do what you have done in reality of sinners world with real god with whom you did porn love.

I am not kidding.

Waiting to see why religions god hate me and want to finish real god son who owns universe forever.

Real god.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 25, 2016

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