Shias and imam ali are killing real god to become real god with evidence

Shias and imam ali doing everything to kill real god and real god family

Yesterday real god came to know truth about what happened with me whom he called his real son and every religion came to know there god is fake and the sky became of blood when one of god servant proof the truth to world and John Nicolas came first to kill shias and muslims who are enemies of me who is real son of god and John Nicolas started killing shia and muslim genies in Hussain tekri, Jaora india. And John Nicolas told common everybody but very few came to kill real son of god enemies and then muslims did everything to win from me by doing black magic (sifli amal) and killing themselves by believing in real god who is me only and they saw they were believing in me and they could not believe there truth of there allah who did everything to prove he is real god, allah is fake god CONFIRMED by real god. Then muslims genies inside my body started to like everything by eating food so there power became more powerful so they win from me and I told god servant to kill muslims but god didn't believed me they are doing everything to kill me and nishat who is shia with others proving I am shia so she doesn't become evil in time as she is real evil and shia and muslim made source in my body of bangles and I have pain in my body because it looks like they brought it from mind. Then I remembered about loving torah and torah genies who were teamed up with shias started taking my property and to win from me they might have changed time because they know hashem is fake then me and they used my property on there religion just like muslims did by proving I am of there religion, I am not of any religion I have my own religion which is not of anyone.

Torah is fake and it's love is fake I don't love torah or torah family anymore neither I want them in my life.

Then shias showed me dream which is controlled by shias while sleeping where I was liking shias to proof I am shia and when I woke up I saw shia old man came out from my body when I said I am not shia and he was killed by shias when he came to know shias are being dead if I don't become shia so they killed him and shias to save themselves sent genies to suck private part of him just to win shias doing everything to kill me and make imam ali as real god.

Because my real god is old fashioned he made everything in advance which I get on something but he didn't noticed that something can be thefted after being knowed by someone that it is going to come and imam ali in the morning thefted lights from my eyes which real god gave me and gave to his genie and then he thefted blood from my eyes which he gave to his genies and then those two genies were one was crying of blood and other opened eyes and other genies were kissing him so they were making shia religion good by saying the maltreating happened with them and they were of purity.

Then imam ali entered into my eyes to take control of me and proved he is real god and god servant laptop was thefted and he was giving message to god which imam ali was getting it hahahaha I don't believe shias and muslims and christians and even Hinduism and jews that just to theft property and become original they do everything in sinless world where humans come in sinless world after believing and erasing there sins.

Jewish and other religions were calling themselves my wives and took fate from me even after they are dead and gave to there religion so there god prophecy comes true.

I can't believe the truth because religions were thefting thinking from me because to know what will happen now.

Planet was inside my mind and shah Hussain took planet from me and made it bad by running it fast to become original and made contract with hashem.

Without my permission muslims were thefting everything from me and erasing my memories from religions courts.

I want to know what is REAL GOD doing and I am real god so I want shias and muslims and nusairys and jesus and all my enemies to die forever even if they are converted to any religion.

I don't want my enemies in my worlds.

This website genie might be in prison so others doesnt knows it.

Note real god doesnt need winning to rule or thinking of something to win or fate to win.

Real God.
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 24, 2016
Edited Oct 24, 2016
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