I am god I was controlled by saudi arabia original genie to sin

I am god I was controlled by saudi arabia original genie to sin

I am god and I am human I was controlled by saudi arabia genie who is in hyderabad, india and living as hasan sister with other saudi Arabian government genies who are doing everything to kill me to make allah original then me.

Today hasan sister who is my stomach heard my spirits family is finished and she got peace of mind and she became happy with other spirits by hearing my spirits family is finished because there allah and them were not in time as they were lie and fake so hasan sister brought many genies from her and put on above of my stomach and taken out allah name and allah name of middle she asked the allah name to become gay with genies she brought above my stomach so her mind is cleaned and then she said she doesn't scare from anyone and even taken out jesus name and did the same making jesus name gay with genies and sin entered into my stomach, but why sin entered into my stomach I didn't sin ? I am living in India where spiritual world of hindu mata is purchased by money because hindu mata police is corrupted and saudi Arabian government genies many times purchased Indian police by either proving lie cases and purchased by money because genies knows how to file case in spiritual world but I don't know because I have not entered into spiritual world until now I am god and I am human I am fugitive.

Muslims and Hindus genies gives pain in my head by there evil horns whenever they get horns and my genies and family doesn't know anything because they run on thinking they don't take action like parent takes it they don't check what is happening in my body and mind and every time believe I sin and I hurted someone without investigating by seeing if I become true how I become true and if I become liar how I become liar.

My life has become bad because of jesus christ who proved he made me by just keeping his genies if I claim in spiritual world after I enter into it jesus is not even my servant by proving through mind and win how it will feel to christians.

I want justice, today I don't have clothes or money or home I am poor and hindu mata and muslims are killing me without knowing truth.

I don't know how many billions of humans hindu mata and muslims genies played games with by playing prove and win game by mind.

Let me tell you further when hasan sister forced her mind to be cleaned by making allah name to prove she is original genie of saudi arabia then allah masoom came wearing white clothes and told her to confess truth and she sent her genies to confess truth and allah masoom said your sins are mine and said allah keeps original genies alive and kill fake humans and allah masoom with his finer made a line on my left side of face by feeling I came to know kill him forever because he is fake and he left and in the evening muslims asked what is the status of ahmed death and hasan sister and others told he is almost dead we are taking his blood and blood of purity smell and everything to kill him and his spirits family.

I want to know if any original genie can do justice for me who is god but human and not entered spiritual world until now and being suffered because of Hindus and Muslims.

I even told to Indian police station that saudi Arabian and muslim genies are forcing me to sin and spread riots but nothing happened because Indian government police is corrupted and there bhagwan are corrupted if every of my saying happens then I said many times I am rich in reality by money but I didn't get money until now.

Can any angel of dead at least help me doing justice.

Note there are mad muslims who declare they are my wives in spiritual world by proving in spiritual world they are my wives to kiol me and take my property.

Real god who never entered spiritual world.
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Asked Oct 22, 2016

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