HHow islam qalifas and moses and others sins are washed how they are in spiritual worlds Islam qali

How islam qalifas and moses and others sins are washed how they are in spiritual worlds

Islam qalifas killed humans in war and killing is a sin in spiritual worlds so who washed there sins and how they are in spiritual world, islam qalifas killed human in humans reality and today there names are written on kaba curtain. How is this possible ? Killing is killing only even if someone is killed in war. So today how the kaba curtain value is there so much because killer names are there on kaba curtain and where sin is never washed which is done in human reality so how there sins are washed ? Who washed them without giving them punishment in human reality. They died and even now if they come back from spiritual world to take punishment they cannot be punished because time is gone and time cannot come back.

Even moses killed human and sinned and what is done in human reality cannot be erased and it is true that they sinned so how hashem forgiven his sin and met moses.

What about others big personalities who sinned in there reality and killed innocent humans how they entered into spiritual world by proving and winning truth that they didn't sinned and someone controlled them ?

What about others who could not prove themselves they are innocent in spiritual world and not present now who died.

Can anyone justice ? God is saying this.

I want to know how sinners entered into spiritual worlds which evil sinner entered them into spiritual world ? On prove and win through thinking of truth because truth is what is done in reality of humans which cannot be erased.
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Asked Oct 21, 2016

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