I have questions about business.

More specifically, government involvement in business. I get not wanting the government to not interfere too much, but the free market system was built on competition, was it not? Don't competitions have rules? Aren't there penalties for breaking those rules? Maybe this is just me, but it seems like business owners and most republicans don't want any laws applying to business. If that were the case, wouldn't they just start killing people, destroying the environment even more than they already do, and charge exorbitant prices for everything due to monopolies that would exist? I.E the SEC wouldn't exist, and stock brokers would be bleeding their clients dry. When a company breaks the law, why not put them on trial and suspend the business indefinitely until their innocence or guilt is found? it just kind of makes me curious. I'll take answers from all, democrat, republican, capitalist, communist, anyone who feels they have insight on the matter. I really want to know what businesspeople think on this matter.

Also, quick note, I used to think that all corporations were pure evil, but then I met some company owners and they were actually super nice people. So my perspective changed (that was when I was about 10 when I started to think they were evil. now I'm 18 but I still have questions about business law. not trying to get into it as a profession, but still very curious about it.)
Asked Oct 20, 2016
Edited Oct 20, 2016

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