Which is better, web development or app development?

App Developers
Asked Oct 20, 2016
The mobile application is trending faster as compared with web development technologies. The level of difficulty for mobile development is higher than web development. For App requirement visit the website https://www.sparity.com
Sparity Mar 12, 2021
Both have equal importance. scope of App development is increasing day by day because it is more user friendly. You can access any kind of information in few seconds even in the toilet with the help of apps installed on your smartphone. But for larger projects and detailed information you need to visit on web. So both have equal importance according to user point of view. https://goo.gl/Xa15MQ
Answered Oct 20, 2016
Web development and Mobile development both are equally important because in today’s time business owners cannot depend on just one platform. You can contact - http://www.appymonkey.com/ to get more detailed information.
Answered Oct 20, 2016
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Answered Jan 09, 2017
I'd say do web first. Just about any internet-capable device can access your website, but if you learn app development, you'll have to stick to one platform first: iOS or Android. If you don't have much programming experience, web is easier to get started with. HTML and CSS are straightforward. Javascript is a good intro to basic programming.On the other hand, native app development requires Objective C for iOS or Java for Android. If you have no programming experience, it's going to be a very frustrating learning curve.
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Answered Jan 19, 2017
If you are really passionate in web and app development start with basics.


Web Development/App Development?
For Web Development there are numerous tool out there in market based on the technology you choose to work. If you prefer to work with .Net framework then surely Visual Studio will be the most apt choice.
If you prefer some other free source like PHP etc you can go with Adobe Dreamweaver, Netbeans etc.

For mobile app development I saw PhoneGap to be helping. Since this is a growing market there are many tools getting developed in recent times.

Android or iOS?
As far as OS concerned I would say Android as the most suited one. This is because of its market share currently. Since android has 70% of market I suggest you to go with Android Development.

For Android App development, Google has released their own IDE for this along with numerous tutorials. I believe this should help you in your learning.

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Answered Feb 16, 2017
The Brandingworld is one of the best mobile app development company in chennai. I am one of the user of this company. I got more benefit from this company..

Answered Sep 12, 2017
However, App development does not refer strictly to smartphone mobile applications. It can also include developing new type of applications for computers or other electronic devices (such as car navigation systems). http://www.appers.com.au/
Answered Apr 25, 2018
Web development has more priority than app development. Web development provides online presence for which website is made. If a website has a responsive design, then it can also easily accessible on the mobile devices.
App development is also important for business, it improves the conversion ratio and also improves traffic of returning visitors.
For custom app and web development services, I recommend Chetu. A reliable IT organization offering software services worldwide. For more info, visit: WWW.CHETU.COM
Answered Jun 01, 2018
I think its based on your requirement. both option have plus points. first make a clear idea about what is you want to do. what is the goal? then after you can choose the best option. http://www.codelantic.com/ this is a firm which is doing both.just contact them and check charges. take a rough idea. good luck.
Answered Sep 19, 2018
Impiger helps you to attain good growth in your business and also helps you accrue profit in your business. Impiger helps you in choosing the right application and provide dedicated service as per their commitment. Impiger service will definetly make you feel aweful and their faultless products makes you to admit with their dedicated and satisfied service. To know more details,visit:https://www.impigertech.com/custom-mobile-app-development/
Answered Oct 03, 2018
Java Web Application Development is a technique of developing an application for mobile and tablets whereas java web application deals with building a website for the Internet using Java Programming language. There are many factors to see in the Java Web Application development like the compatibility and responsiveness of app for various devices, the response of reply on click, the UI/UX of the app and many more. For a new startup, I got a chance to meet GPC Softwares for Java Web application development for my business and the quality and precision of development they provided was mind-blowing, and I can concentrate on my revenues.
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Answered Jun 07, 2019
I think you need to start with Web Development. With app development, you might get stuck pretty quick on making a backend for your app. If you start with web development, you'll get to know things like how to make an API, using different database technologies, making a server... all things that are helpful for app development. Rather this, if you are completely unaware about web designing and development process then I would suggest you to take a services of professional web development company. Click here to know more: https://www.altastreet.com/services/web-development/
Answered Jun 07, 2019
It's not like one is better than another. You should clearly understand why do you need a certain piece of software if you want it for your business. Moreover, more and more services demand mobile apps besides establishing a working database or software for a company. Here you can read more about this: https://chisw.com/tech-interest
Answered Aug 30, 2019
Java is the gold standard in web development all over the world, in every area. It's object-oriented, class-based and works on any platform, making it extremely versatile. To know more about web development programming visit our page: http://www.cetpainfotech.com/technology/java-training
Answered Sep 02, 2019
Both have there own importance. The usage of mobile apps is increasing day by day because of the resources, portability and user-friendly. You can access any kind of information within a seconds doesn't matter your current location whether you are on the hill station, mountain or on the ship. With the help of mobile apps, you can gather all the information easily. But if I am talking about the business websites you have to require a mobile-friendly web application. According to the survey 64% of user search via mobile. But Web application is must for the for every business. https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2018/03/13/software-development-firm-breaks-ground-on-new-hq.html
Answered Sep 27, 2019
Both the Mobile and web development are better. But in Now a days Mobile App are Growing Fastly. Apart from that Tvisha technologies is the Best Mobile&Web App Development Company. Provides you the Best Android and Ios Apps for your Business they help in Growth. Tvisha had a team of Well Experienced in Developing the Mobile Apps they analyze your Business and get One Conclusion And Develop an App with High Quality and Mobile Friendly and Give Much Support to you. Tvisha Expands Its Business on World Wide. It has an Experience of 16 Years in Developing the Mobile Apps. Also Tvisha Provide its Service On Software development, UX&UI Design etc. For More Information:- https://bit.ly/2m0ZiHj
Answered Sep 28, 2019
Edited Sep 28, 2019
Both web development and app development are important. Start with web development, you may learn how to build API, how to use different technologies according to database structure, etc.

In App development, you may learn various languages, how to make a user-friendly UI with interactive features.
Answered Nov 27, 2019
I'd say do web first. Just about any internet-capable device can access your website, but if you learn app development, you'll have to stick to one platform first: iOS or Android. If you don't have much programming experience, the web is easier to get started with. HTML and CSS are straightforward. Both have equal importance.scope of App development is increasing day by day because it is more user-friendly. You can access any kind of information in a few seconds even in the toilet with the help of apps installed on your smartphone.
The augmented popularity of the web has led to the generation of thousands of job opportunities for skilled professionals in the domain of web development.
Android is an open-source, customizable mobile OS developed by Google and is widely popular today having secured jobs with competitive salaries.
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Answered Jan 28, 2020
Both are equally and needed, like you need sun light as well as shadow.
Answered Jan 28, 2020
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Answered Mar 15, 2021
Website Applications are less expensive to develop than mobile apps. Mobile apps are platform-specific and need to learn Java and XML to build Android Applications. Mobile apps are much faster than web apps and more advanced in features and functionality.
Answered May 28, 2021
I think web development is best for you . weblinkindia is provide the Professional Website Design Services,Web page design packages,Custom Web Design Packages,Website Design Package Deals India. https://www.weblinkindia.net/special/web-design-packages.htm
Answered Jun 01, 2021
Both are equal. Web apps are less expensive to develop than mobile apps.
Answered Jun 02, 2021
Both are best you need to choose one for you. Everybody has it's own options and it's not necessary that what I like you will likewise like. You need to choose which area you need to see yourself in next 2–3 years.
Answered Jun 04, 2021

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