Is it alright the be shoe fetish and be it in the UK

Is it alright the be shoe fetish I mean is I am a man 32 years old from the UK I have got about 6 foot wear I got two pairs shoes smart ones got passenger on other have one is plane in a clear shoe box and I've got the footballs trainers in other box another and other football trainers on top of the shoe boxes and I've got a pair of boots for the winter and I got another pair of boots smart ones. I do wear them all also when I have my footwear on sometimes I like feel them all over if I see a pair of nice footwear on a men when I am out in shop I in and that men is nr me I will have a look but if I have to go round the other side where I am and I have go that way anyway. I will move my feet nr to him to make like my feet is tired and I just put here because it feel better if he see it and I see his eye light up or say nice see. I will know he like tem I say some about if do way thing I give some look at his apart form that . Also I like to wear someone else footwear if thy are not my size like I am older boys 5 if I see size 7 men I like them as put make on and make them fit if thy let me and out in them by putting sole in them but I NOT go any higher on size because ?.

Update: This carry from on what was say: Plus who heard I try to change I just can`t it in my blood be shoe fetish if you know what I mean . Plus who heard I try to change I just can`t it in my blood to be shoe fetish if you know what I mean. Plus my younger brother is the some but he just ask about size and ask where he them from and if like colour he say about and see some like if has but if seen new like new Nike air Max trainers and see one have some nr to them and if know them he say about them

Update 2: Plus my mum and dad are not my real mum and dad and thy will not understand I am shoe fetish my dad will go on and say I mad or need help my mum will not understand my brother is my birth brother who live with other family we do see one and time to tome and I do call him and is heard r see food he like he tell about on the phone that all he do he bout 30 I am older brother so yes

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Asked Oct 18, 2016

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