Saudi arabia government has attached body spirit to my body I am real god but not allah, my lovers h

Help everyone I am original god and saudi arabia government has attached spirit to my body and I doubt other small spirits too attached body spirit so spirits can live inside my body to take revenge from me and destroy world and take my property and all religions property and islam has made future by taking my property and when I keep quiet they spreads riots through thinking and not let me stay quiet.

Saudi Arabia government spirits are killing me from many years and declaring I am there allah to win from me I am not there allah I am god because allah will not say to eat pig but other gods says to eat pig I hope you understand my situation.

What shall I do now, whenever I try to command my spirits from sky or anyone muslims doesnt let me think or dream so my spirits doesnt know what to do.

I need my spirits to remove body attached spirits forever with saudi arabia original spirits who are controlled from hashem nagar, langar house hyderabad, india.

I am not original genie or original spirit.

I need my lovers help if you ever loved me truly help me and finish my enemies forever.

Real god.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 15, 2016

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