Why does my hamster chew on his cage?

For some strange reason, my hamster likes to chew on the bars of his cage. It's really loud and after awhile gets very annoying. He begins when I go to bed at night as soon as I shut my light off. His cage is stocked with 2 fresh wood chewers to keep his teeth down so I'd think he'd rather chew on those than the metal bars. I would relocate him to the living room, but I can't trust the cat not to tamper with his cage.
Asked Oct 13, 2016
I had a hamster who did this, and I think its to wear down their teeth cause they grow fast. My hamster managed to break one of the bars during it's life.

I'm not really sure what you could do about, I just put up with it, and if it really bugs you at night maybe you could try moving the cage into a different room.
Answered Oct 13, 2016

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