How to deal with son going into my langerie draw

I saw a post here, about a 18 year old going into his mothers lingerie. I'm in a simuler situation, except my son is 14. After reading the other posts, I'm confused. I don't want to confront him and scare him. But I want it to stop before it gets to weird. Should I take him to mental health? , Should I talk to him? He hasn't gone out with a girl yet. Will going out with a girl get him away from my things ? . I havent seen any evidance of him doing anything sexual with them. Hes bigger them me so he can't fit into them to wear. I just want it to stop.
Asked Oct 07, 2016
You should stop him he is your son and its a big sin
Answered Oct 24, 2016
In my opinion and from own experience it is wrong to force someone to stop something. I would recommed you to talk to him and figure out why he is wearing your clothes. But do this in privat and stay calm, he is your son and you are his mother, the only woman so far he can really trust (you don't want to lose this trust). Maybe he is not sure about his sexual orientation yet, I mean he's only 14, it can be really confusing and maybe it is an issue which is bothering him and he has no one to talk to, you should take the first step. I can totally understand that this is also confusing you but only talking with him will make things clear for everyone. And don't go to a therapist, this only leads to him feeling wrong and not accepted and things will go only worse from that point. Be the better person.
Answered Oct 24, 2016

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