How to help a baby frog missing two legs?

Because it's cold outside now, these tadpoles that a frog laid the eggs to outside my house weren't really growing. So I took them inside, but I was looking at them last night and saw one that was laying on the bottom of the thing I put them in and was almost a frog, with both of the legs on his/her left side missing. After that I saw another tadpole start trying to eat him/her. I took the baby frog away from the others and put him/her in a bowl with some leaves and a stick it can climb on (a long one). The frog can't swim straight and just goes sideways, then falls down. I know the frog won't live if I put it outside, but how would I be able to keep it alive? I'm not sure what to feed it either. I know they eat flies and stuff, but I'm not sure how the frog can catch them like this, so if there was something easier that would be nice. Also what should I give the other tadpoles to eat other than algae to keep them from eating each other? I know a lot about tadpoles, but I've never seen them act like this before and idk what's wrong with them, because they are always really active or rarely move, and they don't seem interested in leaves at all, but every time I put my hand in there they start trying to eat me and they are killing each other.
Asked Sep 30, 2016

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