Looking for crocodile to eat me

Crocodiles. anyone know or have one crocodile , that will eat me . OR animals will eat me . I DONT' WHAT crocodile OR anything gator or it's must big very hungry to eat me . U CAN DO ANYTHING TO DO ME have sex with me , make me do a thing to you . tigers or no pigs , I NOT FAKE IT OR MAKE IT UP . I DONE my life really !!!!!!!!1 suck . really , it's so PLEASE HELP ME OUT TO EAT BY YOUR PET . [email protected]
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Sep 26, 2016
Edited Sep 26, 2016
I'm 5 foot 7, and a skinny, 97 pound 14 year old. I don't care how it has to happen as long as it does, as long as I get eaten by a snake. I understand the risks, and while I would prefer to get out alive, it probably won't happen. I will do anything for you if you make this happen. I live in bethel, connecticut, and email me at [email protected] if you can help.
Answered Dec 15, 2017
If this is still happening I'd love to be snake food or crocodile/gator food. My email is [email protected]
I also have a telegram for messaging. @HiddenReptile
Answered Nov 11, 2021
Same here Uneaten still still wating my croc or hyena eat me
hyena69 Dec 02, 2021
Love be dinner for crocodile , gator . hyena or dogs eat my junk off eat me good ort hump or hump both. tigers Still is for real. snake love to .. bear to any thing will eat me !!!!!!
hyena69 Dec 02, 2021
If you find anyone, lmk
Since you're apparently going to be active here, I'm still here, still uneaten. disposabledogstud on gmail.
Same here, got all the current forums questions open in a group of tabs on my phone. I check back to them all occasionally for updates
yopals .com is the best place to eat everything.
Answered Apr 11, 2022
Doesn't have anacondas or large snakes on it that can eat us lol

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