Money out the bank own payee SSA.

I can not go and get the money out the bank. I was asking is this illegal for me to do or what would SSA say about this? I know mom was supposed to turn money over to me or give it to ssa than to me. she supposed make account report but I could turn the bank statements myself If where close it.
If it illegal can give information on it like law code. SSA says they can not close the account so what can I do to force her to do it i'm not talking to her do I need call OIG OF SSA? and anything else SSA would say. Im just looking on ways to get my money that she illegal still holding. im my own payee. its been past 30-40 days they told me to wait.

Code of Federal Regulations
ยง 404.2060. Transfer of accumulated benefit payments.
A representative payee who has conserved or invested benefit payments shall transfer these funds and the interest earned from the invested funds to either a successor payee, to the beneficiary, or to us, as we will specify. If the funds and the earned interest are returned to us, we will recertify them to a successor representative payee or to the beneficiary.
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Asked Sep 17, 2016

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