What can I do if my money order was stolen?

I purchased a money order to pay Septembers rent, filled it out to my landlord and mailed it snail mail to his PO BOX. He is an old old man and likes things done the old fashioned way. He acceps checks and money orders. I never use checks, ever, and they are not cheap to order, so I use money orders because they are safe, right? I thought this until my mail went astray and a stranger cashed my money order. Now, I didnt know any of this until my landlord came knocking on September 14 and said he never got my rent. I freaked and quickly showed him the rent receipt that came with my money order. Then I contacted MOneyGram and found it had been cashed and after several days received a copy of the money order front and back and name of the bank and person who cashed it. It had been tampered with and the name changed from my landlord to a stranger. Where do I go from here? Do I go to the bank? Do I go to the police? I am so lost. I also have to pay September rent again to my landlord while I figure this out. I have never been late on rent, ever, but he said he needs rent by next week regardless of what happens to the money order. I can pay rent by then (again) but it definitly makes my life a financial struggle for a while. My savings are kinda low right now. Please someone help, I feel helpless. I also thought money orders were safe, it turns out the company couldn't give a damn. What should I do??
Asked Sep 16, 2016

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