I Don't want the kid.

6 years ago I was in a very emotionally and physically unstable relationship with a girl, I was basically a lapdog for her.
1 year into the relationship she gets pregnant, me being only 16, stupid as I was, stays in the relationship for her, not the child.
I convince her on multiple occasions to get an abortion, I practically beg, I won't make the same mistake my parents made at such a young age.
The time comes, I get out of school for it, she has the baby, I feel nothing in the delivery room, not a single shade changes on my face while she gives birth to the biggest mistake I've ever made, I sign my name and everything because I'm told to.
Time passes, she cheats on me and leaves me.
I've moved on, but that child is still with them.
How do I fix this, too lose contact of the family and her, I've never in my life wanted anything too do with this kid, and the girl definitely was in charge of the whole relationship when this went on.
So much she talked me into a tattoo of its name, which I've wanted removed second I got it.
How do I get that off any record of my name, I want nothing to do with the child, I have my own life too live and there will be (by choice) no time or effort I'm willing to give it.
Please, how do I keep the child, her, the family, everyone just, away from me, legally no longer be Part of any of it. Please
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Anonymous User
Asked Sep 15, 2016
Edited Sep 15, 2016

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