Will My Cat Really Come Home?

My cat is 10 years and 2 months old the day he got out. He has never been outside. He was born in this house and got out 11 days ago. I have looked for him, called him day and night and he is still gone. I live out in the country. I can't quit crying, this cat is so special to me. He always sleeps on me and now I can't sleep cause he's not here. I need him to come home so bad. I cry so much.
Asked Sep 15, 2016
Edited Sep 16, 2016
this question has been asked months ago so if you already found your cat then I guess this answer would be for anyone else who let their cat out.
Usually cats, or house trained cats will be reluctant to stray far from home and will come back if you leave a door open or a cat flap. Sometimes accidents happen, so if your cat t is staying out much longer each time, consider this:

Always have your cat wear a collar when going out, one that it cant strip off, so it isn't recognized as a stray and picked up. Also have a tag with a number.

Attach a camera (a small one) to its collar so you know where you cat is heading.

Observe its behavior inside, does he meow to the window or does he long to go outside? This could be because your cat has found another cat it doesn't want to leave? Such as a feral mate? The best solution is to neuter or spay your cat before it heads out for the first time.

If your cat has not come back for a day and night, start searching and asking and posting lost cat posters around your neighborhood. Confront the police and cat behavior specialists.
Answered Mar 15, 2017
Hope this helped you, or anyone

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