Can someone (preferably a guy) tell me his intentions?

I've known this guy since high school junior year and we started talking towards the end of high school senior year. He admitted he had a crush on me since junior year and we were talking for about 5 months. We admitted we love each other towards the end of 3 months. He said it first. We wanted to be official but unfortunately I can't date until I'm done with my four years of college (I am now a freshman in college.) He said that he's willing to wait four years and he even told my mom that. We have really grown close despite long distance. He has opened up to me about his past along with what he wants his future to be. Towards the end of 5 months he admitted that he is no good right now and that he can't make me happy and give me the attention I want. He said that he needs to rebuild himself and go back to school (he didn't graduate from high school because of other priorities). He said that he wants us to pretend like we never knew each other existed so he can stay focused on himself. He admitted he didn't want to do this as much as I didn't but he had to. About three days later after telling me this (he's mentioned the subject before but never really acted on it because he didn't want to), he blocked me off every social media(i did ask him to because I wanted to be as serious as he was) and gets a girlfriend. he already posted pictures with her telling everyone how amazing she is. I was hurt by it because my logic is if you are really devoted to building yourself up you wouldn't let distractions get the best of you such as a new girlfriend. I confronted him about and told him how hurt I was that he couldn't be honest with me. He said that it's not what I think. He said that he is in a bad place right now and doesn't want to put me through his bullshit. He said that he can put her through it though. But why couldn't he just be honest with me. Obviously he has intentions but I'm confused on the whole thing.
Asked Sep 15, 2016

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