Simple explanation for question. Please help me :(

I have a homework in microeconomics! One of the questions, though, I know how to solve it, yet I'm not sure I fully understand it. (and u know the answer differs if, if u understand it differently).

The question says: Peter learnt computer programming at evening classes last year. He could have spent the time working and earning $750 instead the fees for the course (payable in advance) were $500, half of which he had to borrow from the bank at 10% interest.
what was the opportunity cost of the course of Peter?

Now, I know how to find the opportunity cost if only I understand the question

Does the question says that the course cost $500, half of the 500 (which is 250) he had to borrow from the bank with 10% interest?

Or does it mean, that he took $1000 with 10% interest from the bank and paid 500 for the course?

Your support is highly appreciated.
Asked Sep 12, 2016
Answered May 17, 2021

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