Does Iranian immigration/family law apply to Foreign citizens who are nationals?

I am an Australian Christian female currently dating a Muslim Iranian male. I would like an idea as to how immigration law operates in Iran and be informed before I make further commitment to my partner. I’m aware of Australian laws and how we operate here and very very basic info for Iran. My partner is a refugee and is applying for permanent residency in Australia (the process started before we started seeing each other, so I feel that he is genuine regarding his intentions of dating me – ie not after a visa). He will eventually become an Australian citizen down the track and will therefore have an Australian Passport. Currently, as he holds an Iranian passport, he cannot go back to his country which at the moment isn’t an issue and I know Iran doesn’t recognise dual nationals. He thinks that if he were to visit Iran to see his parents on an Australian passport, he should be ok (obviously need to look into this further, and we don’t know future legislative and political changes etc that would affect him. and there would be many things to look into before even considering going back for a short visit given he’s a political refugee).
Assume, my partner becomes an Australian citizen and wants to visit Iran. If I go with him (as a married couple) and we both have Australian passports, will there be any citizenship issues with him? I have read that as he was born there and also has an Iranian father that he is still considered an Iranian National – does this still apply on an Australian Passport? Will this also affect my status over there, given that usually I would become an automatic citizen by marrying an Iranian National and therefore would not be able to get consular assistance from Australia?
I know the general consensus is that a foreign wife to not go to Iran with her husband (we’ve all seen “Not without my daughter” and read numerous other articles and stories of things going awry in these situations). I would like some clarity around the issue if he becomes an Australian citizen and then goes back and if the same issues still apply. There’s heaps of information for Iranian passport holders but not for foreign ones. I would like to be informed in case he ever asks me to go with him and I can make an informed decision.
Asked Sep 05, 2016

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