From the view of business, to what extent have Tea Party and intents improved the business climate?

In 2010, a tsunami of anti-government, Tea Party freshman were elected to Congress. They saw themselves on a mission to get government out of the lives as citizens to as great an extent as possible. This included de-regulating business and depending on Adam Smith’s invisible hand to work its magic. These freshmen were all Republicans. They used their numbers, energy, and ideological fervor to shut down the Republican traditionalists – an almost to shut down government.

A major force driving the fervor of Tea Party members and other radical Republicans is to get government off the backs of citizens. In the arena of business, this entails de-regulation, reduced taxation, and getting government out of the business of business (through privatization). Remarkably, the Republican Speaker of the House – John Boehner – was powerless to shape the Tea Party agenda.

From the perspective of business, to what extent have Tea Party actions and intents improved the business climate? If you were CEO of the major corporation, what view might you hold about Tea Party activity? What would be your view if you were a small business owner?
Asked Sep 04, 2016

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