I'm a female, and I think this girl likes me but not certain

I am very quietly a 27 y/o bisexual female. I have never been with another girl before from being uncertain how to make the first step, I'm just a chicken. I will admit that I am attractive, and I don't have any issues getting a mans attention. While at work(home health care), a new coworker and I were getting to know each other in between the hectic demands. She is noticeably butch (which is def. not what catches my eye), and she has a girlfriend. I am by no means a homewrecker, and I will not attempt to pursue her since she is in a relationship. But I can't help but be curious, ending only at curiosity.
While we were getting to know each other. We had discussed our past relationships, and we both admitted we can't stand cheaters, or cheating. I was not aware that she had a girlfriend at the time of this point in the conversation. Later on, we spoke about her girlfriends best friend (a girl that I know of that my ex cheated on me with.... small world). My coworker explained that I'm definitely prettier than said girl. I said, "really? her pictures looks like she is really pretty". My coworker said "I mean, she's not ugly. She's just not the kind of girl I go for especially since she is blonde" (I am brunette). I ended up admitting to her that I am bisexual but I didn't think I would ever have a relationship with a female. She expressed that I would if I found the right one.
As the shift went on, I felt like I noticed her checking me out. She tripped at one point in time and said "I fell over you."(she literally did. She wasn't meaning in a romantic way). So I jokingly said "Aww you fell for me, thats so sweet" she laughed and said "I'm falling for you". We just met today... so I know she obviously isn't falling in love with me. I didn't notice her making excuses to get closer to me, or to touch me, or any of those signs. But I did notice her looking at me a little more than the other girl that we were around today. I'm not sure if I'm just hopeful that she was interested, or if she really is.
I had lost my phone, and asked for her to call it so I could find it. She ended up being called to another house to work in, and she said "text me and let me know how it goes since you have my number now" so I did.. and when I text her I told her that I would refuse the house unless she worked with me (once she left, I was left to work with the other coworker that wasn't doing anything to help our clients, and it was making it very difficult as our client is very abusive). I continued and told her that I needed her back. She responded by saying "calm down on what you text me. When my girlfriend reads these I dont want her to take it the wrong way, and I dont want her to get upset"... I of course didn't mean anything in that way... but I responded saying I'm not used to texting a lesbian for things to be taken more seriously. She ended up not responding at the time of our shifts ending.. and I havent heard anything since. I'm not sure if she ended up seeing her girlfriend and she is just not wanting me to get her in trouble from my poor word choices, or if theres something else to it.
Again, this wont go further than just clarity. Please tell me if you think she is just being nice or if she is into me and trying to be respectful of her girlfriend
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Asked Sep 03, 2016
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Answered Sep 08, 2016

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