Please give me some advice

My mom and dad have always faught a lot.They have put me through a lot when I was younger I saw both of them try to hurt themselves once because my mom was tired of being with my dad and another my dad because my mom was gonna leave him They split up in 2010 but got back together in about 2 months in those 2 months my mom got together with another guy I was 10 years old and me and my dad used to be close but ever since that happened we stopped being close and I feel like he got mad because me a nd my sisters went with my mom. They always have horrible fights that make us cry and get scared and then my mom says they are going to split up but dont then they fight again and its like a cycle. My dad is very disrespectful to my mom he always cusses at her and treats her bad and my mom doesnt stay quiet she will defend herself and start arguments. I honestly just want them to split up because it would just be better that way but my dad doesnt want to leave the house and my mom was crying saying that she doesnt want to be unhappy and live with him anymore but she said she wont be able to buy a place for us to live or food or anything we need & she has no family here.Im just tired of going through this again and again my dad cussed me out and told me im always on my moms side and that he isnt going to pick me up from school anymore and that he doesnt want me talking to him anymore ive always been sad that we havent been able to be close again today they had a big argument but I know my mom wont leave him Please give me some advice im only 16 I know I cant do much sorry for the lack of grammer and punctuation...
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Asked Aug 26, 2016

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