Is it possible of dreaming of your future love?

Here is my dream..
I was at a party. Was a funeral party for an animal that past away. A bunch of people w/ whom I had been related to somehow. (Never met them) I'm walking around and helping the set up of the party. And decided to venture off. I saw my uncle (dont know him in real life) as he had a bunch of rock candies and other types of with him. He offered me some. I asked how many more could I have and he said 7. I had 14 total little rocks candies mixed with jolly ranchers. We talked about the candies and then he questioned me.. *are you always this quiet?* I said yes bc of how I was raised. Speak when only spoken to. Child should be seen and not heard. He started telling me how I need to speak more and often. Afterwards I hugged and thanked him. I went to venture off some more. I ended up in this small apartments. Some reason I was wishing it was mine. I'm cleaning it up a bit while eating my candies. Then a child who was my nephew came to me and asked me to grab a plate of food. I said I will be out to get some and thanked him. As I gave him one of my candies. I'm looking around this apartment and noticed another number 14. After finishing cleaning up. I venture out towards the benches. And noticed a man dressed in either army or marine clothing walking towards me. I'm pacing away.. As I'm saying to myself omg he's so beautiful. But my feelings I felt were sadness and shocked. He finally caught up to me and grabbed me. Said I'm here, its me. I can't stay long. Just want to tell you we will be together. I said why do u have to go? He just hugged me and I started crying. He said he will be back for me. I cryed asked him to stay. I said please don't go. Don't leave me again. He said I have to, I'm sorry. I then made him promise to find me. To search and to find me. He promised he would then said this...
We never knew we would get this far. No one believed it could happen. Look at us now. It'll be OK. I will find you. Look what I'm wearing. I will find you. I said but I don't want you to go, please. He kissed me on my forehead held grabbed my hand, kissed my hand an slowly let go as he walked away. I watched him run up the hill an disapeared behind the hill.
I contnued to walk back to the benches n sat down w relatives. I saw my cousin eating out of one of the display bowls. Which was a cake of some sort. I grabbed a spoon n started eating it.. Then noticed I didn't ask. So I asked if I could. They told me not to worry. Said they saw what happened And how that could be rough for me to take in seeing my love having to leave. With so much short time. I didn't answer. Just kept feeding my face. N I woke up.
So is it possible ??? Is it possible to dream of a future partner? This was a dream I've never had before. I don't nec believe in past loves but this dream has me to second guess that belief.
I saw everyone's face
I saw and felt everything. No skipped scenes.
Asked Aug 21, 2016

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