Dear allah angels and genies and spirits and prophets and everyone who believes in allah please help

Dear Allah believers and spirits and angels and everyone of allah,

I went to hajj in saudi arabia in the year 2007 and I came to know now after 9 years allah made me his heif so I am allah now and heif means owning all religions of allah so I am owner of all religions of allah.

Now if I think that allah made me his heif I noticed then only allah genies and angels and kaba genies and angels and prophets and everything that exist of allah are coming to know that I am allah heif otherwise I am noticing that some muslim genies and followers of ahlulbait are keeping me in there mind and not letting me think allah made me his heif, I have not become allah heif but allah has made me his heif and its been 9 years now and I came to know if I think bad that world will be destroyed then world will be destroyed so if I dont believe and say islam will be finished then islam will be finished now what shall I do allah believers and angels and genies please help and tell me shall I believe or not believe that allah made me his heif. If allah didnt made me his heif then why the world is being destroyed and why I am having pain in head when ever I think bad. As a humanity please respond to me and tell me what to be done.

Just make a note : I want to mention something and want to know is allah fool didnt he know that before making me his heif I will think bad because I dont come to know about his world or know whatever I think happens ? or is that allah is thinking which listens to thinking when saying truth that he made he his heif if I dont think allah made me his heif then only I am his heif right ? so I prayed to kaba genies and angels today and said I command kaba genies and angels to open doors from my eyes so I can see genies and angels and every creation of allah but nothing happened. I noticed that when I am keeping my mind clean someone is keeping my mind in prison so allah knowledge must not work on me, does allah knowledge works only when I think ?

Please please reply to me allah believers and lovers of allah.

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Anonymous User
Asked Aug 13, 2016

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