Is my family messed up or am I crazy?

Today I broke. How this occurred well, lets start off in the beginning. My family is either messed up, or I'm just crazy. Honestly, I know I'm crazy. At least I hope so, you too would wanna be crazy with the shiit I deal with. Im 15 year old girl. Im the middle child. My younger sister everything that comes out of her mouth is negative or results in argument. I can never have a conversation with her as a normal person. Not to mention she is the laziest bum on this planet. All she does is eat and sit on her computer. If I ask her to just take out the trash I have to have a 30 minute argument with her. My dad is the biggest problem. My dad is this really smart man. But he is cocky about it so he always wants to be right and never admits when he's wrong. He smokes and lies to my entire family about not smoking. Honestly idgaf about that it's just if someone addicted to smoke doesn't smoke for long periods of time they get symptoms of irritation, not to mention my dad already takes pills to help with his anger. So imagine the combination, must be hell, right? It is, it really is. But only for me, not for my other sisters. Im the child that gets all the shiit handed to. Im a good child. I obey and listen, of course I have typical sister fights, doesnt everyone? Heres the thing, when one of my sisters starts an argument Im the guilty one always and recieve all the punishments. If one of my sisters screams and yells and stomps their feet my dad does nothing but tell them to stop. If I accidentally even roll my eyes, or he thinks I roll my eyes although I don't he takes away everything I have, even my deodarant. The worst thing he did to me was my and my sister were having a typical sisterly argument, and immediately my dad pushed me against walls, untill I reached my room and pinned me down and almost choked me. I didn't cry. Theres no point in it. Although my sister started the argument to begin with, he did nothing to her. Also, with my dad thinking he's so smart and gets cocky about it, for some reason he thinks Im a sociopath because in his brain he thinks I always hit my sisters everyday and dont feel bad about it. I never in my life hit my sisters. I just call them names when I get mad at them, which they do back to me anyways so it makes no sense. Im fine... but thing that hurts me the most is the way he treats my lovely mom. For my mom I do everything I clean the entire house to make her happy and go help her at work. My dad does not respect her what so ever and he always talks about other womens boobs and bodies in front of my mom. How fuucked up is that?! Not only that my mom looks amazing for having three kids and my dad cant even tell her he loves her and she gives him so much love. He even tells her he only married her for her looks. The worst thing he has ever done to her is, on my moms birthday my mom wanted to go at a nice restaurant to celebrate her birthday. My dad was grumpy about it and didn't want to go but she begged him. Than he went and he told everyone to get the cheapest food. My mom than told us to get whatever we want. He than yelled at her and my mom said that she will pay for it than. AND IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY. I have no one to talk to. My dad thinks all my friends are a bad influence so I have no social life. He thinks their a bad influence cause my sister is a straight A student and everything she says about me he listens to and believes. Its like to him everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie. My friends arent even bad, they dont do drugs, they dont do stupid things, my sister doesnt like my group of friends merely because they look mean. LITERALLY. My older sister also, sometimes comes and sits with my friends and always offends me in front of them and tell them how mean I am. Before I even came to my first year in high school she told everyone how mean I am. So now, everything I do is mean to people, even if I blink. My life is bull. Now heres the moment I broke. I was sitting in my living room thinking about life. Than I got up to shower, but something stopped me. My cat, blood on neck and hair on top of head was missing. I guess my cat got in a fight. She was just sitting there. Not moving, just staring me straight in the eye. I wanted to cry. It hurt me to see her that way. But I cant. I cant cry.
Asked Aug 12, 2016
The only thing I have to tell you is you need to tell a teacher or someone that your parents are abusing you and your sister. Also stop acting like you're better than your sister.
Answered Aug 12, 2016
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