I'm 12 and want sex

I'm 12 years old and I just want to have sex I wanna feel a boy thrust in and out of me everyone tells me I'm too young but I feel like I'm ready I've already had my period and stuff
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Anonymous User
Asked Aug 10, 2016
look your too young to worry about this kinda and seince your a minor any one who dose have sex with you is technically rapeing you and can be arrested for it
What's your phone number
Hi, I would advice you to talk to your parents or if you feel odd then talk to your mother , school teacher or elder sister ,you will definitely get your satisfaction reply.
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Nothing unusual about that, a lot of girls have those thoughts and desires as young as 7 years old but you're at an age where those thoughts, desires and needs are more stronger then ever.

ignorance and conformity to societal beliefs is the reason most people think you're to young but if you do some research you'll find out that since the dawn of human history it has always been normal and natural for children to be sexual with each other as well as with adults, in fact it's only been about a 150 years ago that this new belief of thinking children as not having any sexual desires and to young to engage in any sexual activity started as the "social purity movement" back in 1860 and so you understand that this is nothing more then man made doctrine, only a group of peoples opinion or beliefs who basically brainwashed Victorian society in to believing in their agenda.

You don't need to have a period to have sex, a girl can engage in sexual activity before she begins having her periods as long as she makes that choice of her own free will, however you do need to be careful and practice safe sex and birth control so that you don't get any sexually transmitted infections or get pregnant.
Answered Aug 11, 2016
your 13 now right? im also 13 hmu on snap or something --- blazeroket89
Answered Nov 19, 2017
blazerocket89 is my snap
Do you have kik or sc?
Answered Mar 18, 2018
I would love to help you out ;) Kik me- bark4589
Answered Mar 31, 2019
bro where u at
want to have sex but I am 12 is that ok I am a boy

Answered Dec 31, 2019
Almost a year since this was answered by you... But it's fine. Yes it's normal for almost anyone at this age. My friends parents think im not a good influence on him. Especially when I wear shorts or cropped shirts. Or both. It's not for sexual attraction, it because I find it comfortable. I'm known for getting off-topic.. Sorry dude. But yes, it is very normal. Go look at my answer please. So I don't run out of space restating it
im 12 and I masturbate, watch porn, and want sex. so I mean, m here for ya. anyone wanna chat somewhere or something, I am okay with older guys like 20 and up. yes I know its pedophilia but age is just a number. I masturbase on insta with a boy whos 20 on insta. hus @ is @cmCquaid26
Answered Dec 10, 2020
Bro same! So badly... :( ur not alone
Me to I like to look at sex and porn and I want to have sex badly and I'm only 12
Hey, you're not alone. I'm 13 and I masturbate and admittedly I watch porn too... I have been sexually attracted to a few guys recently but I can't just come out and tell them. So I just masturbate. No further. I wish I had a boyfriend and was 18 or so already :( Don't worry there are plenty other people like you, and other people too. Too bad I learned what sex is when I was in kindergarten. My first masturbation was when I was in 2nd grade. Way too young. Off topic, but you understand, right?
Answered Dec 14, 2020
Now I'm 16 and my first sex was at 13 with my classmates. It's okay to want it, but you need to think about the consequences of such a decision. Anything can happen
Answered Jan 06, 2021
do you whant to have sex? im 12
carson Apr 19, 2021
im 12 need to fuck a girl and I get urges when I look at any girl ( im a boy ). I masturbate, porn and the other day my friend said she sexted to a random bloke and I was like plz sext me or meet me in the toilet
Answered Mar 22, 2021
Hey whats your snap
I am 11 and I am currently horny I want to have sex but my mom and sister can't know
I'm 12 but I have insta hmu on that @diyaroseral
Hit me up on my Snapchat if you live in Florida and want to fuck @yuh_frogs
Whats ur phone number
Its fine to have sex at 12 you just want to make sure you use a condom and you have a good fucker/bf.... Don't tell anyone and make sure your parents don't know or find out about it...🍑🍆
Also, make sure to use as many cuss words as you can like: fuck, bitch, ass, dick, cock, and ECT.
Also make sure he plays with your tits(boobs) and make sure you or he cums......
Answered Apr 25, 2021
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Answered Apr 26, 2021
I would agree fucking someone would be pleasurable but you could get arrested I personally would want to but sometimes your just not developed yet and to be honest everyone wants to have sex but sometimes it's better to be safe then sorry in these situation also I am male age 11 bye I will not come on here ever again so bye forever lol your guys names are immature fyi.email me at [email protected] I will never reply back so :D anyways have a nice life I'm not having sex till I think I would be ready and also I want to have sex BUT at age 14 I guess nobody has asked me out I don't really know I'm the handsomest kid in my class
Answered May 28, 2021
And honestly just masturbate well I do it's not as fun as sex but still trust me sex is not what you want please respect my opinion anyways bye bitches
what in the actual fuck Bucfwm Im also 12 text me 9023004622 ;)
Anyone live Rochester
Answered Jul 20, 2021
You people are so dumb I bet half the people in this page are predators and a also you people are took young and sex may look pleasing then but once you do it you realize you made a mistake if your that young
Answered Aug 08, 2021
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Answered Aug 18, 2021
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Answered Sep 01, 2021
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Krista7 Sep 01, 2021
i am 12 and I have had sex I love it my boyfriend comes every night and gets inside my pussy for hours it is so hardcore but I love sex dose any one with a giant cock want to come fuck my ass and pussy I am open to group sex
Answered Sep 05, 2021
ok how big is ur dick
sex Sep 05, 2021
Text me 4846509477
Answered Aug 22, 2016
Why personal info tho?
and well I just have a need to have sex does anybody feel the same as me
H0228 Apr 12, 2021
yes let me fuck a girl please
I'm a 12 year old girl looking to fuck someone
Bucfwm Apr 25, 2021
Muje 8938937761 pr WhatsApp kre

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