What are some sad rock songs?

No bond is stronger than the bond of love. It binds not only bodies but entwines with the souls, as well. This song is all about love. It has emotions, gratitude, affection, and everything else; which a romantic video should have in it. The beautifully written lyrics go perfect with the background music. Moreover, the elegant dance moves coupled with sober props and dark colored theme add finesse to the overall setup.The video shows a husband singing the verses of love and gratitude for his wife. The singer can be seen expressing his emotions of deep love towards her, as he claims to love her more with each passing day. He is expressive of his feelings of fulfillment as he is calling her to be his everything. Falling perfectly with the theme, it’s not too fast nor too loud. The slow and continuous blending of the piano with other musical instruments is soothing to ears. Taking you deep into your thoughts of creating the love with a partner.Apart from the music and lyrics, the beautifully choreographed video also adds to the value of the song. The belle dance moves go perfectly with the overall theme of the song. Much credit should be given to our beautiful dancer who has showered all her elegance into those moves.The young couple has recently tied together into the beautiful bond of marriage. Both have decided to start their mutual future through this video. Their real life relation has helped them inject genuine emotions into this video.

Asked Aug 09, 2016
I know a lot of rock songs, and some of them are sad ones. Some of them are Avenged Sevenfold, - Fiction, Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away, Starset - Dark On Me, Skillt - Hero, Skillet - Monster, Skillet - Awake and Alive. And I think those are all. I don't know to many sad rock songs. But I do know some sad songs you should check out, there amazing. Britt Nicole - When she cries, B Mike - Baby Don't Cut, B Mike - 2 Faces, B Mike - Life In My Stomach, B Mike - Dear Dad, B Mike - Please Don't, cut Papa Roach - Scars, Heilo - To Write Love On Her Arms.
Answered Aug 09, 2016

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