Months after wisdom teeth removed, abscess on gum where tooth was, Doctor didn't remove what he said

In October I allegedly had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, I had no follow up appointment , they called once and said I was fine. It is now August I have had some pain in my mouth but I didn't think mucb of it, last night at my job something popped where my right bottom wisdom tooth was removed it had very yellow pus and a little blood when it first happened it wasn't to much pain just pressure I got some mouth wash to get the taste out of my mouth and to clean it while looking at where it popped I noticed that it looks at if they did not remove the top wisdom tooth. By the time I got home I was in excruciating pain, it continues to pus and the right side of my face is swollen I put ice on my jaw to help the swelling (it didnt help at all) I rinsed my mouth out and have been every 30-45 minutes . It's now the next day and my conditon has not change if not worse from the pus draining into my stomach. I called the office where they were removed however its Sunday so I got an answering service. I actually don't even live in that area anymore however I am now really questioning the surgeon and staff who removed my wisdom teeth, what can I do to reduce the pain and swelling ? It has continued to release pus also is that dangerous to be draining into my stomach? What could be the reason im having this issue and if there were conplications that they did not remove the top right wisdom tooth arent they required to inform me of that? Also of they told me they removed all four but did not, Im assuming that they charged my insurance for something that wasn't actually done. I haven't been to another dentist to verify that yet but whe. I do go to one if they say I need the last one removed will the office who lied and said they removed it be resposible for any medical bills ? Could I at least fight for that? I understand I will need to provide proof but that won't be difficult. So basically Im in pain its Sunday so theres not a dentist open ( and this county does not have an emergency dentist) the E.R is 20000 a trip what can I do for now. How could this abscess have been there and me not notice and/how did it begin?
Asked Aug 07, 2016

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