Coming Out in Islam?

as far as I know, homosexuality is a sin in islam. I am not religious yet my family are and I want to comeout to them, but i'm not homosexual. I am homoromantic asexual, and surely that is ok? because dating is banned in islam surely I wouldn't be dating any girls as far as my parents know, and I am asexual so there would not be any sex. is this haram? even if it isnt, I am very worried that they won't let me have female friends anymore and I go to an all girls school. I need to know if homoromance is haram, please. also please answer from the quran, not from hadiths. I personally think most hadiths are bullshit, and i'll pluck my damn eyebrows and it's none of your business. hadiths are dumb.
edit: please answer in easy english, my english isn't very good and I don't understand those big scholarly words.
Asked Aug 01, 2016
Edited Aug 01, 2016

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