Could I run my car with dead battery if I get a jump?

I think my car battery died. Got a jump, but my car wouldn't stay running for more than 10 seconds. I thought once you got a jump, and the car was started, you were OK (as long as you didn't turn off the engine). Does this mean the alternator isn't working?
Asked Jul 26, 2016
More than likely the alternator is bad if the car won't stay on it means its trying to run off just the battery.
Answered May 13, 2017
it sounds like your alternator is giving out
you can try buying new battery if I where you id borrow a perfect working battery from someone you know n hope for the best but if it dies again its the alternator for sure because the battery is only there to start your car after that the alternator kicks in feeding the spark plugs so they keep making a spark when the cylinder hits so the fuel gets ignited but if your alternator is dead your battery is eventually gong to die aswell but im sure you already know that lol

Answered May 19, 2017
Edited May 19, 2017
Yes, you can run your car when battery is dead by using jump start. As you mentioned alternator is not charging the battery. If your battery is in good condition but it's dead, by using jump start you can starts the car but for battery charging alternator needs to supply power to battery.
Answered Aug 02, 2017
No, you don’t, because if you jump starting the battery then the alternators are already failed to charge the battery. Or the battery is dead. You should check the battery level and do periodic inspection by a certified experienced mechanic for long battery life. I usually got my service by Delta Diesel Repair. Full auto service includes the battery check also.
Answered Sep 06, 2017

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