I file a case on fake god who claims to be Allah from 1400+ years

Dear believers of God and true lovers and god,

I file a case against fake god who hclaims to be Allah of Islam or any other religion. As you all know those humans who doesn't believes in God or any eternal being is easily controlled by genies and souls and those humans whose mind is never in control says there mind was not in control because they didn't believed in genies or souls who are from eternal and genies and souls forces human to sin by going in human body and mind and human mind becomes out of control and human who doesn't believes says he has sinned without knowing he was in control by genies and souls. How many times from how many billion years this has happened where Allah who claimed to be god did this with humans who doesn't believes in eternal life or god by putting genies and souls and later asking by visions have you sinned and human said yes he sinned because he never knew what is truth as his mind was out of control and humans life became bad.

It happened to me same where shias controlled me by putting genies and souls and asked me have you sinned and I said yes as I didn't know truth because it was genies and souls who forced me do it why would a normal person do sin.

How many more fake gods are there like Allah who first forces to sin who doesn't believes in them later they ask and record have you sinned and humans through visions who doesn't know truth they say yes because they don't know about eternal life and genies and souls.

I am filing a case to Islam Allah forever for misusing me human who didn't believe in him and his entire generations if it exist with his entire prophets and his people forever.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 23, 2016

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