Can you have anemia and it now show in a blood test?

My doctor raised a question a couple weeks ago; am I anemic. She said it concerned her because I looked even more pale than I usually do. She then sent me to get blood tests done , most of which I've had done many times with all the health issues I have, but the doctors said everything was normal? I did my own research as well because I've always been a bit of a medical mystery; it's never easy to diagnose me. But here's some of the symptoms I have: easily fatigued, I have no energy, my heart beat is very fast, I'm always short of breath (gets worse after exercise), I ALWAYS have a headache, I can't conentrate to save my life, I have severe insomnia, my legs hurt constantly, and if I stand up too quickly, I get so dizzy I almost pass out.
On top of that, they said I'm TOO pale, as in not a pale that comes with heredity or missing out on sunshine. It seemed to concern her because my waterline (?) is so pale, that it's a very pale pink. I also bruise so easily to the point that I wake up with them all over my legs? I mean, I truly don't know. And I searched all my symptoms, and it seems like I have anemia, but it didn't show on a blood test? Or numerous ones? Is it possible to have it and them miss it? Because it takes me 10s upon 10s of tests for them to even diagnose me with simple stuff. I'm really worried honestly because ALL I DO is sleep.Yet I never wake up feeling better - I have 0 energy.
Asked Jul 21, 2016

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