World wide genies please read me once

I am god and I am being killed by shia and muslims and hindus, daily muslims and hindus are taking out genies from me and forcing them do porn with them yesterday 5000 and more genies were forced to do porn by indian police and I could not do anything because muslims and hindus are not letting me see my genies and finishing the world, daily they are calling genies from different parts of the world and they are clearly saying they want to kill god I am human and Muslims and Hindus are winning from me and world genies by spreading terrorism as they knows if any single genie becomes against anyone human cannot enter spiritual world and they are proving and winning so if any one genie becomes against anyone god will not be able to do anything who is me whose mind is blocked by putting lie cases of others.

I am Jewish and I witness truth to be Jewish.

Now all world genies will become bad because Hindus and Muslims knows I am god.

I need my genies and angels and prophets help.

Please finish my enemies to see the world running good I cannot tell everything again and again to everyone find out what is truth.

Muslims and Hindus wants to finish Judaism and Torah family and they are believing in me and giving me there cases and sins.

Please help.

From God.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 15, 2016

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