Mother forces me to wear formal clothes, what should I do?

Hey. I'm going to school where is very strict dress code - we must wear white shirt tucked into pants with tie, v-neck and blazer on it. Usually, I don't change my clothes when I get home, because I'm too lazy to do it and I don't feel uncomfortable in formal clothes. Now, holidays started so I don't have to wear formal clothes. Unfortunately, my mother forces me to wear it when we eat. It's like "you will come with tie or you will not have lunch". I don't have any t-shirt, I usually wear shirt with chinos because I like it, but I want to have some freedom during the holidays. Last year, she didn't want anything like this, I just worn shirt with chinos. She is so extreme, I can't even undone last button on the shirt. What should I tell? I want her to stop forcing me to wear tie and blazer for every lunch and dinner.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 15, 2016
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Answered May 22, 2019

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