How to fix my psp's game disappearance as soon as I plug it out of my pc?

Hello!I'm sorry to bother you like this but I have an urgent problem that I need solved.I have a PSP-1000 e.I have a 16GB Memory Stick Pro DUO on it on which I play games using CFW.What I do is,connect my psp to my pc using usb and then load the iso files in the "ISO" folder in my psp.That worked pretty well till now.Earlier today,I did the same thing and loaded my psp.Upon closing connection,I saw that I was unable to visit the games folder from psp no matter how much I clicked.I restarted my psp.This time,the folder was gone.Not just just for game,but for all of it.Despite this,I tried to connect it to my pc to see if there's any way I could get any response from the memory card.It showed from PC that I need to format in order to run it.I chose the most default options and tried to fornat.It showed Windows is unable to format the drive J. It was,by default, in FAT 32. I changed it TO NTFS..still nothing.Then I saw an exFAT.To my surprise formatting using that worked.I then formatted in FAT32 and it worked again.Overjoyed,I tried to insert games again.But the folders were gone!I tried to remake some of them(I don't remember all of them but I remember having PSP and ISO and inside PSP was GAME and SAVEDATA) and then insert the games.All my savedatas were gone but I was relieved to have it fixed!Little did I know,it wasn't fixed at all.I tried to insert the games and CFW. It did enter but when I turned the psp,it was blank!The entire memory stick didn't have anything at all.I could see it was blank as soon as I returned to my psp as it shows the amount of free space left.I tried several times to insert games but to no avail.Sometimes within this period,it showed a message that the system cannot read the memory card and asked me to format the memory card from the psp system.I did so but it showed no memory card was inserted.Then I reinserted the memory card and then its connecting to PC easily and showing it have 15.4 gb of free space of 15.4 gb and formatting normally but the games are disappearing and the memory card is becoming blank as soon as I plug out.Please help me get rid of this problem!Thanks!
Asked Jul 11, 2016

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