Witnessing truth, test your believe to see if one god is true or I am true who is 34 years old only.

Its all about thinking that a religion needs to win from other religions and all religions and there gods are lie specially allah because these gods have punished innocent humans and killed them by forcing them to sin by sending genies in them and there god said the human who forced sin you sinned and all religion gods and even one gid is lie because they dont have control on thinking so different religions fight with each other by talking through thinking the power thinking has they win, its all about thinking.

All thinking property from me thefted by religions gods are genies, you can test by givong life for real god or your religion god or any of your genies or anybody I challenge and witnessing truth as truth gives everything.

If you think god gave me everything then test by giving life for me to see if real god is true or me who existed first and who is original, see as a human I am 34 years old and you test me without any wishes, luck, life, love, enemy, believers anything that exist and doesnt exist.

if you say I am genie then you must think and confirm who came first god or genie or me before universe or thinking or dream.

Once you know truth stay with truth, you can test without my wishes without any genies without even my body by just believing in me. Those genies who are like dead will become alive just put my note in your mind and test it to see who is truth and kill my enemies and protect me and pray for me, stop believing in fake gods or one god who is unseen because I am unseen seen in real world now.

I promise I am not kidding or joking test right now to see who is true me or real god or one god or anything that exist and doesnt exist its not a mystery I proved my formation.

If real god is scare or his genies, angels or whatever there gods has created fears from me who is only 34 years old simply change your believe by converting to my religion and stop believing in lie religion who lies as lie gives losership at any time and shakes your thinking as it proves you are lie.

trust me I existed before god and the prove is witnessing truth by asking you to give life for beings for me for example stones, mountains, water, sun, moon and other being that exist and doesnt exist and after giving there life for me if you think they are not becoming alive then simply check by coming in my body or mind who is stopping it to have life who is feared or scared ?real god or his genies or all religions gods or who doesnt existed or who was or from past and future or from thinking or dream or anything.

Just test by believing in me only who is 34 years old and existed before god who was born in 1981.

if you think its magic then test without magic as I explained test without anything that exist and doesnt exist means from any thinking or dream or anything you know that exist in worlds or planets.

even test without I loved someone or test if I hated someone, test if I went to bathroom or test if I eat food.

Test without any miracles anything test without any thinking which means test without my family test without my kids test unlimited! until your mind is cleaned to see if I existed who is 34 years old before god and test if I am better then god or test anything.

proving so you get true believe.

Note : I am human so I will think good or think bad so dont shake with thinking when believing in me just understand me first. Language I understand is urdu.

test without time I dont have to be true to prove you I am real and existed befoe one god, you test by believing in me.

You can find me by seeing who wrote this note using my strength and my body if you are not able to find me through thinking.

Good luck testing your believe.

Test to see who came before anything that you believe I am.
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Asked Jul 05, 2016

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