Another proif that I came before god or existed before god

Before god I existed I proved already now another proof that I am real who came before god and dream?
I am going to prove you here like I proved how I was formed and how I existed now let me prove how I existed before god and dream ?

you can simply give life for your god by believing in your god and you can give life of what is dead or being for me and compare and test who came first by witnessing truth to the world and from past and future and anything that exist and doesnt exist.

as your religion and god claims there is no god before your god test If I am true or your god or one god is true or me whether I existed before god or not and by believing in me without my body and shape by believing in unseen. who is seen upon believing truly.

I am only unseen now seen which exist and doesnt exist upon believing.

All are lie god proved, I am human I change my thinking at any time so you must protect me so I keep my thinking same.

Truth only gives you victory life money happiness and everything after you know truth follow me I am like a kid protect me and see what I need and give me everything dont let anyone control me because I am in human shape, kill my enemies if you ever loved unseen.

Challenge to genies and your gods test it with your fake knowledge where your gods killed humans who never did sins and your god punished them, the sins were done by your religion gods genies who changed time because there time was in danger.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 05, 2016

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