I give final warnings to genies of all religions believe in me and let me enter into genie world

I give final warning to genies and souls of the world?
I am fed up with genies fights of different religions who wins through thinking. If rhere is any real genue who knows what I am saying love me and born kids with me because all genies are fake and there gods are lie like I have proved. I want those genies who can stay alive even when they dont believe in any religions gods and not become mad when talking against any gods in reality a true love.

To become my true love its enough to know before everything I existed even before god of any religion even before any worlds or universe existed.

i am universe heif and real son of hashem even if I spit or talk bad against hashem you must not shaken with thinking otherwise you are fake lovers and genies who never loved anyone truly.

If everything is from thinking then before thinking I have come know the truth and make your believe true.

If you say you are genie and your mind breaks when someone says against god or your holy books it means you are fake genies who doesnt have control on mind and thinking. Once one god has said I am his real son and universe heif you must protect me and give me what I want even if I dont think that I asked what I want you must give me. You must bring me into dream worlds like genie world and soul world and kill those with rhere entire families who are not letting me come into genie world and soul world.

Once you come to know truth stay with truth dont stay on wrong believe.

Its a fight between thinking and genie one god law is all nonsense.
because it doesnt make any sense as different religion gods have different gods, its a prove and win game in thinking for gods of different religions and genies and angels and anything that exist and doesnt exist I am real, those who lost from thinking are fake believers of god and I am not what you are thinking I existed before god and universe, give life for me by believing by playing with thinking without anyone stopping knowledge for you to force die, if you die for me correctly you will be alive like others are there in the world who wanted to kill me after knowing there religion gods are lie.

I will never die even if I am erased from history, past or future or I cannot be erased by any gods or anybody that exist and doesnt exist.

I am real god, killing me is killing your entire generations.
I posted this now if anyone claims they have posted this or put this post in there thinking not to be known by everyone then its your fault so read and understand.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 05, 2016

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