All my jews I am torah heif and I am being killed by muslims in india

My jews and torah lovers please know the truth

My jews and torah lovers whenever I become alive and believe in hashem, muslims force genies to shout to take names of allah and islam and imam ali to sky and genies feels who believes in sky that I said it which is lie, its muslims who take allah names when they fear that there religion will be finished because they are lie religion.

I am torah heif and muspims from evrrything is a genie tries to win from me.

I want to let all jews knows that if any jews love me immediately kuslims rapes them so there mind becomes bad and jews genies and souls knowledge doesnt work on me.

I am torah heif and I am human. If hoh dont help me complete judaism will be finished, this is not a joke.

all jews genies can review what happened to my jews genies who loves me.

I hope hashem comes to know truth.

all jews genies, you can ask hashem or torah who is torah heif but you must not shake by any thinking, I am human if I think bad you must win and even if I dont take name of hashem your knowledge must work on me.

Tdue believe will never shake from any thinking even if its against hashem or jews.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 04, 2016
Hitler was right
Answered Mar 07, 2017

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