How time is being changed by muslims who wants to kill god proved

you might be wondering how time is being changed uts because of muslims named agha mohd, agha hussain, karaar, hasan, momin, zakki, turkiya, saleha and many more. These people who are genies knows that I am god and before god I existed and they are killing me because I am torsh heif and they hate jews. They want to finish jews genies so jews knowledge doesnt works on islam.

Muslims are changing time by believing in me completely whatever I act or think they think same by believing in me and they kill me and when they get caught or lose from me they come in my stomach by believing and put there sins and cases until there problem is solved.

I told jews rabbi I am torah heif they didnt listen even wuthout any wish or without god I existed before god which you can test by giving life for me by playing with language and understanding.

I am real son of hashem if you have doubt ask hashem or test with your holy books.

You must find me without even I think that I posted this post to prove you have true believe. True believe will never lose from anyone and doesnt need name of god so there knowledge and power is worked.
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Asked Jul 04, 2016
Yo, Hitler ma dude
Answered Mar 07, 2017

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