If I die the world will ne saved propoganda by muslims to kill torah heif

So you know before any gods of any religion I existed, now punish my enemies?
now that you know before any religions gods I existed and before thinking and without thinking I existed by testing to give life for me correctly by believing in me, now you must kill my enemies who are muslims, you can kill quran holy book for me to see if I am true by believing in me and quran will not die so muslins wants to finish me because they know I am torah heif, real son of hashem and even if I dont take name of hashem for help hashem kids knowledge must work on me and they must win for me otherwise they are not real sons of hashem.

I challenge all jews believe in me and give life for me you will be alive even if I dont see you or make you alive. you can also test again by removing all fear from any gods or even hashem to see if I am true or not. Later when you come to know truth you must protect me 24 hours I am human and can be controlled by souls or genies but since there is no god before me you must see what are my requirements and give me what I needed.

I am being killed by momin ali who came from inside kaba of muslims and turkiya who is looting my property and fate and muslins are changing time, muslims are operating from hashem nagar to kill me and make there imam ali as god.

I want every muslim to die in good faith who is against me and destroying torah genies and angels since many years.

if you still doubt on me kill stones by saying you are dying for the writer of this post.

Hope you can find me without I think that I wrote the post here.
Even if I dont think you must find me because muslims plays songs in my stomach and make shouts so they can kill torah heif and the one who existed before god and universe and thinking and without thinking and which exist and which doesnt exist.

Genies can control there angerness and fear and other things by loving there love truly otherwise muslims will call you for punishment by putting me in prison, I am not muslim but jewish.

I am telling to world wide genies and angels and gods of all religions.

There has been propoganda if I die the world will run correctly which is lie because I will never die and all relugions will be finished before me, test with your holy books if I am right or wrong or ask your religion gods.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 04, 2016

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