We believe in One god in the world of genie law must be terminated immediately

in the world of genies there are different religiond and every single religion has different gods specially hindu god is lady and islam allah is shapeless so I will compare 2 religions here to prove we believe in one genie law is wrong.

Life cannot become bad of any genies by belueving in genie law believe in one god because it is only a law but not said by one god the reason I am saying this because genies exist in the same world of humans who look like humans and humans never knows they are genies and genies can come easily in muslim and born kid which is haram and hindu will do the same just to clean heart and mind since human and genies lives in same world and live with humans, humans are hopeless. The believe in one god is lie and must be terminated because god cannot make the world bad and force good genies to become bad by sleeping with others just to clean mind. Whoever created law of we believe in one god must break the law as there is no one god because muslims wont become enemy of jews and if muslims becomes enemies jews can punish muslims by giving them punishment which never happens.

So when the mind becomes clean of genies they are able to live happily and there will be no trouble but still using we believe in one god muslims allah says sleep with other genie males which is against his saying like proving to be evil as allah is always good in front of everyone buy in back allah says marry muslim person and sleep with others after borning kid which proves its evil but not one god.
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Asked Jul 04, 2016

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