Does he like me and if he does why hasn't he asked me out?

I like this guy at my school. We had a class together at the beginning of the year and we have talked, but not a lot now. I catch him staring at me every time when we're in the same hallway. When I catch him looking at me, he looks away. Once though I caught him and he didn't look away and we kept a glance for a few seconds. He walks by my classrooms. He walked by my Spanish classroom twice in the span of ten minutes looking in right at me. He freinds look at me funny. I once saw his friend nudge him when I walked by. I've told a few people that I like him including some girls I know in his grade. I'm scared that he might of found out. If he knows that I like why hasn't he asked me out. I thought maybe it was age barrier, he was a junior this year while I was a freshman. I thought that it might be a racial barrier, he's white and I'm white. Does he like me and if he down why hasn't he asked me out? Should I make the first move? Is it even worth since he's going to graduate this year?
Asked Jul 04, 2016
he is probably very shy and it can be worth it if you both want it to be. I say catch him alone and talk to him about it. make the first move.
pug Jul 08, 2016

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